Walmart kicks off gardening season with new mobile technology

Walmart is readying for spring with a new line-busting solution.

The discount giant is testing mobile technology in its Lawn & Garden Centers across more than 350 stores. Called Check Out With Me, the program outfits associates with mobile devices and Bluetooth printers that enable them to check out customers, and provide them with a receipt on the spot, according to the company’s website.

Here’s how it works: A Walmart associate scans a customer’s items with the mobile device, and then swipes the shopper’s credit card to pay for the order. Associates can use a compact Bluetooth printing device to print a receipt, or customers can opt to receive it electronically.

“Customers no longer need to venture inside the physical store to pay for items like mulch, soil and flowers, saving them valuable time,” the website reported.

The company plans to expand the program based customer feedback, according to Walmart.