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Walmart Health provides connected control to customers

Walmart is streamlining the customer experience in its new healthcare format.

The discount giant, which recently launched a new, 10,000-sq.-ft., freestanding health-and-wellness facility next to its store in Dallas, Georgia, is leveraging end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) technology and services from Zotec. Walmart Health is using the Zotec solutions to provide customers with more access to and control over healthcare processes such as primary care, dental, vision, and mental health services.

Specifically, Zotec’s technology will enable Walmart Health customers to schedule and register for appointments ahead of time, confirm or change insurance and demographic information, see estimated cost for services, receive text and email updates, check in and out, and make payments at the time of service, all on their computer or mobile device. Walmart will also provide customers with digital access to multiple electronic medical records (EMR) platforms and payer organizations.

In addition, the technology will instantly alert Walmart Health employees and caregivers when customers arrive, while seamlessly integrating the registration components with the EMR to document the encounter and price before they leave.

“With Zotec’s easy-to-use solutions, built around decades of industry expertise with financial interactions, we are able to streamline the entire medical encounter for our customers, offering them easy scheduling, simple one-time registration and options to pay – a true connected experience, contributing to the delivery of our commitment to customers to offer affordable, transparent pricing for key health services,” said Phil Suiter, Walmart’s chief wellness officer and VP of clinical operations.

A second Walmart Health location, in Calhoun, Georgia, is scheduled to open early next year.
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