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Walmart in new online move to attract Millennials, more upscale shoppers

Walmart is expanding its digital marketplace to attract more higher-end and younger shoppers to its e-commerce site — and give it more firepower against Amazon.

On Monday, the discount giant launched a curated online store on its website for outdoor brand Moosejaw, which Walmart acquired (Walmart acquired Moosejaw in February 2017.

This is the first time that Walmart is creating an online store on its flagship site curated by one of its acquired specialty retailers.

The shop, called the “Premium Outdoor Store,” highlights a new assortment featuring “thousands of items” from top outdoor brands such as Patagona, as well as the full range of Moosejaw-branded clothing, jackets and gear. The company plans to broaden the assortment with more products from other specialty outdoor retailers and brands “over time.”

Moosejaw’s online store has a clean and modern design that is designed to make it easy for customers to browse and shop. A list of top category sellers will help customers discover what’s trending across men’s or women’s outdoor clothing, backpacks or sleeping bags.

Merchandise qualifies for Walmart’s free two-day shipping on orders over $49, and “much of the existing assortment on the Premium Outdoor Store will be fulfilled by Moosejaw,” said Eoin Comerford, general manager of outdoor, Walmart U.S. e-commerce and CEO of Moosejaw.

“The goal is to provide a destination for outdoor enthusiasts where Moosejaw pulls the best outdoor brands from many sources,” Comerford added. “It’s kind of an honor, since this is the first time that Walmart is creating an online store on its flagship site curated by one of its acquired specialty retailers.”

Over the last year, Walmart has also acquired other hot specialty brands including Bonobos, ModCloth, Moosejaw and ShoeBuy.

Since being acquired, Moosejaw has been taking advantage of Walmart’s technology expertise. For example, the specialty brand is working with Walmart’s technology incubator, Store No 8, to test how virtual reality could enhance how shoppers engage with outdoor products, and make a more informed purchase.

“A little more than a year ago, we were acquired by Walmart, which has helped us take our business to the next level,” Comerford reported.

“Walmart’s scale has enabled us to … invest in technology improvements to the Moosejaw site, and to enhance our rewards program, resulting in a 50% increase in redemption rate,” he added. “Together we’re working to not only improve the experience for our current customers, but to also bring our Moosejaw Madness… to exponentially more customers.”

Moosejaw’s new site dovetails with Walmart’s strategy to expand its online assortment and attract higher-income shoppers. For example, the discounter recently partnered with Lord & Taylor. Through the deal, Walmart features a branded flagship section on its website dedicated to more than 125 brands sold by the department store retailer.

These new online additions coincide with Walmart’s redesigned website, which was introduced in February.
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