Walmart e-commerce chief: Food delivery to hit new heights

A new food delivery option could be in the works for Walmart.

"Delivery right into the fridge" could be in the cards as Walmart expands its fresh food delivery services, Marc Lore, the president and CEO of Walmart's U.S. e-commerce business said in an exclusive interview on CNBC’s show, “Mad Money.”

According to the report, Lore envisions consumers getting a "one-time code" at the start of the process. The delivery person, who may wear “a camera on their chest,” will enable customers to watch the delivery directly on their iPhone.

“[They can] see them come in, put it in your fridge and leave, to sort of build confidence and trust in these Walmart associates doing it. So ... imagine going out to work, coming home, and there it is. The stuff's in your fridge already,” he explained.

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