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Video shopping app connects digital customers to physical stores

The HelpJess app is designed to combine live interaction with online shopping.

Now officially available following a beta rollout, HelpJess leverages proprietary interactive video technology to digitally connect customers with in-store staff at retailers around the globe. HelpJess also enables customers to make in-country or international purchases through the system’s payment interface.

The service is free for shoppers and offers retail options including exclusive designer stores in Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore. HelpJess has both U.S. and international patents and trademarks making it available to shoppers both foreign and domestic. Owned by parent company open4sale USA, the HelpJess platform can be accessed via mobile device, PC, or home TV.

Current payment options include Apple iPay, Wells Fargo, American Express, Alipay, and Wepay. The inclusion of Alipay and Wepay allows global retailers to engage in e-commerce with customers in China. HelpJess is also intended to reduce the rate of online cart abandonment by providing a more personalized shopping experience.

“Our wish was to innovate the online shopping industry and create a truly online to offline (O2O) omnichannel experience,” said Simon LaBarrie, HelpJess inventor. “Being able to connect face-to-face, having that personal touch to close the sale and then being able to process payment easily with the shopper will significantly increase revenue for participating retailers.”
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