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UPS: High-tech shoppers drive clicks this holiday season


High-tech purchases could account for a major portion of consumer holiday spending this year — and they will be placed by high-tech shoppers.

This prediction was made in a report by UPS, “2016 UPS How to Click with High-Tech Online Shoppers.”

Roughly 170 million people (68%) plan to purchase technology gifts this holiday season, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). These will be made by high-tech purchasers — someone who purchased a computer, consumer electronic device, mobile phone or wearable device online, UPS said.

“High-tech shoppers have distinctive purchasing behaviors, and retailers need to look at what motivates them and influences their decisions across the shopping experience from pre-purchase through purchase, delivery and returns,” said David Roegge, director of high-tech segment marketing, UPS. “These shoppers hold a lot of purchasing power this holiday season, and it’s important to understand what makes them click.”

Among the key findings of the UPS report:

• High-tech purchasers have made significantly more purchases on their smartphones in 2016 (42%) versus purchasers of non-high-tech items (27%).

• High-tech purchasers are heavy users of social media, with 42% following retailers’ social channels; 37% saying that social media influences their purchasing decisions; and, 25% making purchases on social media sites.

• 61% of high-tech purchasers find peer reviews important versus 55% non-high-tech purchasers.

• 39% of high-tech purchasers prefer alternative delivery locations compared to only 31% of non-high-tech purchasers.

• While high-tech purchasers do a lot of shopping online, 46% of their purchases are made in store and 58% of these shoppers prefer to make returns to the store.

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