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Trendy jewelry brand launches digital receipts


Pandora UK is embarking on a new strategy to engage with shoppers post-purchase.

The jewelry retailer is partnering with Ecrebo to provide shoppers with digital receipts that are emailed to shoppers following their in-store transaction. When the receipt arrives in their inbox, shoppers have the option to opt-in to receive regular newsletters, and share feedback about their in-store experience.

The post-shopping actions prompted by the receipts is filtered to store managers and the head office. Incoming customer data will help the chain understand how their stores are performing, and identify any areas for improvement, the company said.

The technology also allows the chain to connect their online and in-store customer profiles for the first time, giving Pandora UK greater visibility into their customers’ in-store purchases, which make up 80% of sales. This insight is particularly useful for the retailer’s marketing team to understand their customers’ purchase behavior and target marketing messages more effectively, Pandora said.

“We know that 60% of purchases are gifts, so giving our customers the opportunity to receive a digital receipt is not only convenient, but important for added peace of mind when it comes to returns and warranties,” said Jo Glynn-Smith, VP of marketing, Pandora UK. “We also use the digital receipt as an opportunity to request feedback from our customers on their in-store experience, enabling us to continually improve our offering.”

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