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This site has the best user experience

Despite the continued popularity of social media sites, Amazon is tops among customers when it comes to user experiences (UX).

This was according to a new survey from Clutch which revealed that 21% of website users think Amazon's UX outperforms those on Facebook and YouTube, even though both sites have more than double the visitors of the online giant. Overall, customers said they prefer the usability of e-commerce platforms over social media sites.

According to users, high-profile, highly trafficked social media websites offer a particularly good user experience. Of these, Facebook and YouTube lead, with 83% of people respectively saying these sites have a good UX.

Other sites identified as having good UX in addition to Amazon include Gmail (73%), Netflix (60%), and Instagram (47%).

In addition to usability, nearly half of survey respondents (48%) said "useful content" also influences their repeat visits. That compares to 25% of respondents who would revisit a website that's easy to navigate, and 12% who said they return to a website mainly because their friends and peers are on the site.

Even if a website's content meets a user's needs, there are barriers that can jeopardize the user experience, such as page unreliability (24%) and slow load time (20%). Over half of people will stop using a website for a particular session if it is unreliable (54%), and/or if it loaded slowly (53%). Nearly two-thirds of people (63%) will permanently abandon a site if it is consistently unreliable, according to the study.

The one site where customers are willing to compromise on user experience is with Facebook. Although 13% of website users believe Facebook has a poor UX, more people (30%) visited Facebook the most in the past month than any other site.

"Users often accept a compromise on user experience for the benefit of better or more content," said Dennis Lenard, managing partner at Creative Way, a London-based design agency that focuses on UX and UI. "At the end of the day, users care about the content more than they care about the design."
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