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The third state to allow delivery robots is....


Wisconsin has become the third state to legalize the use of the automated robots. Virginia and Idaho passed passed similar legislation earlier this year.

The Wisconsin law places an 80-pound weight limit on the robots, and doesn’t permit the machines to travel faster than 10 miles per hour. The robots are also required to have a person in the loop to take over control in case something goes awry, according to ReCode.

The personal delivery devices (PDDs) will be used to deliver orders within a two-mile radius. The units were appealing to state representatives because they can assist with reducing congestion and pollution in cities and neighborhoods since they remove cars and vans from the delivery process. They also travel at safe and slow speeds, and using sophisticated obstacle detection software, the robots ensure safety and convenience for pedestrians.

“Wisconsin is showing once again that we’re open for business and open to new technologies that can meet the needs of the e-commerce community” said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester).

All three states’ proposals were pursued with the assistance of Starship Technologies. The company is a provider of these roaming PPDs, which are designed to deliver packages, including perishables, ordered online.

Similar legislation is being proposed in Florida, according to ReCode.
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