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These retailers are emailing customers too often…

Call it email overload.

A recent study by brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy Brand Keys found that for most brands, too many emails results in brand disengagement, which produces significantly less favorable behavior toward the brand. The study addressed emails received from top retailers where consumers voluntarily signed up for such out-reach, unaware of the number and frequency of emails they would receive.

Among retail brands (accounting for ranking ties), the following 12 brands (listed alphabetically) were cited by consumers as “emailing incessantly” or “sending too many emails, too frequently,” in the Brand Keys study.

1. Amazon
2. Apple
3. Bed, Bath & Beyond
4. Best Buy
5. CVS
6. Gap
7. Gilt
8. Groupon
9. Home Depot
10. Macy’s
11. Old Navy
12. Overstock
13. Target
14. Victoria’s Secret
15. Walmart

The study was conducted during May 2018 among 1,806 consumers, 18 to 55 years of age, across the United States, who had initially requested that they receive emails from the brands they cited.
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