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The most important factor in Gen Z purchase decisions is…

When Gen Z consumers select a brand, they have more traditional motivations than many observers might expect.

According to a survey of almost 1,900 consumers age 13-21 from Business Insider and Survey Monkey Audience partner Cint, price is the dominant factor, selected by 60% of respondents. The more youth-oriented factor of shared values followed in a distant second place (18%), with social media presence (9%) and friends’ influence (7%) also coming in.

Despite their heavy price-sensitivity, Gen Z consumers still favor certain brands. The most popular brand is Nike, shopped at in the last six months by 46.5% of respondents, followed by Forever 21 (33.2%), Adidas (33.1%), Vans (30.7%), Old Navy (29.8%), Victoria’s Secret (26.5%), H&M (24.4%), and Hollister (23%).

Looking at what fast-food chains Gen Zers frequent, the study found 62.8% of respondents have made a purchase at McDonald’s in the past six months. Other leading fast-food brands include Taco Bell (45.5%), Wendy’s (42.1%), Burger King (41.2%), Starbucks (40.2%), Chick-fil-A (39.5%), and Pizza Hut (35%).

Ninety percent of respondents have visited Amazon. About one-third (31.2%) browse Amazon occasionally and sometimes buy things, while 27.1% say Amazon is one of their most-visited sites and they often buy things. Another 18.7% frequently visit Amazon but rarely buy things. Interestingly, about three in 10 respondents have never made an Amazon purchase, including 10.6% who have never used it and 9.9% who browse the e-tailer occasionally but have never bought anything.

When respondents were asked which social media platforms they previously used but don't anymore, roughly 30% of those who answered said Facebook, while messaging app Kik came in second with 29.7% of votes. More than 20% of respondents voted for Twitter (21%) or Instagram (20.3%). Somewhat surprisingly, close to one in five (18.22%) selected Snap, the image-based social platform that is generally associated with young consumers.
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