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Taco Bell and Grubhub drop the chalupa–at your front door

Burritos and tacos are a click away thanks to a new partnership between Taco Bell and Grubhub.

The fast-food giant is making nationwide delivery available via online food delivery platform Grubhub. To facilitate faster delivery, Taco Bell has integrated its point-of-sale system directly into the Grubhub app, which means pickup is timed to the moment an order is ready. Grubhub is also bringing more drivers to areas with Taco Bell restaurants.

To place an order, customers can plug in their ZIP code on the Taco Bell website before being directed to Grubhub, or go directly to the Grubhub site or app to place their order at the nearest restaurant with delivery available. This program is part of a larger U.S. partnership launched between Taco Bell parent company Yum Brands and Grubhub in 2018, to accelerate online ordering for pickup and delivery.

"We are thrilled because our expanded Grubhub delivery access for our Taco Bell customers will help satisfy their cravings with the delicious Taco Bell they already know and love, whenever, wherever and however they want it," said president of Taco Bell, North America, Julie Felss Masino. "Our approach to delivery is a recipe for success all around, not only benefiting our customers but also our team members, franchisees and Grubhub drivers, by streamlining how orders hit our kitchens and when they are picked up."

For a limited time, Taco Bell is offering free delivery on all orders costing more than $12.
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