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Survey: What makes customers leave a website?

A new survey sheds light on why and how frequently customers will abandon a website.

According to a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. and U.K. consumers from e-commerce analytics platform provider Decibel, almost all (95%) respondents will leave a website due to a frustrating digital experience. More than one in five (22%) do so regularly or always.

The survey also found that there is no single culprit that causes consumers to abandon a website. The biggest online customer experience issue was ads blocking the view of content (36%), followed by slow page load times (31%) and slow load times for images and content (30%).

However, the survey also shows only 8% of consumers report when they have an online customer experience issue. Looking at the positive side of online customer interactions, respondents identified the top three qualities most important in defining a positive experience on a website as pages loading quickly (44%), images and content loading quickly (36%), and links and pages being easy to find (34%). Decibel analysts note all three of these positive qualities are linked to Web fundamentals.

Other interesting findings include:

• Even if a consumer loves a brand, 60% will go elsewhere if they can get the same or similar product at another vendor with a better website.

• 30% of consumers don’t associate a frustrating digital experience with a single industry, but retail is the top industry that consumers associate with a frustrating digital experience.
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