Survey: The top e-commerce site for teens is…


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Teenage consumers have a clear-cut favorite when it comes to online retail sites.

According to the spring 2019 “Taking Stock With Teens” survey of 8,000 teenage U.S. respondents with an average age of 16 from investment bank/asset management firm Piper Jaffray Co., Amazon is far and away the top teen shopping website, favored by 50% of respondents. Nike came in a distant second (5%), followed by Urban Outfitters (4%) and American Eagle (3%).

However, Nike can take solace in being teens’ top footwear brand (41%), with Vans (20%) and Adidas (13%) following. Nike is also teens’ most favored apparel brand (22%), with American Eagle coming in second (%), and a three-way tie for third place among Adidas, Forever 21, and Hollister (5% each).

The competition was much closer among beauty destinations. Ulta (33%) narrowly beat out Sephora (31%), with Walmart trailing behind in third place (8%). There was also a tighter field in the restaurant category. Chick-fil-A led with a 12% favorite rating, closely followed by Starbucks (10%), Chipotle (8%), Dunkin’ Donuts (5%), and McDonald’s (3%).

Snapchat (41%) and Instagram (31%) are teens’ most favored social platforms, distantly followed by more established networks Twitter and Facebook (6% each).

Other interesting findings include:
• Food continues to be male teens’ No. 1 spending category (23%), clothing is female teens’ top wallet share (25%).

• 90% of female teens preferred shopping for beauty in-store vs. online.

• 80% of teens say they get their beauty tips from influencers – Kylie Jenner and James Charles listed as favorite beauty influencers on social media.

• Vans hit its highest level in survey history as a favorite footwear brand at 20%, the closest any brand has been to Nike in years.

• Chick-fil-A remained the top restaurant for three surveys.

• Ulta overtook Sephora as preferred beauty destination for the first time.

• iPhone ownership peaked at 83% and smartwatch ownership is up significantly at 27%.