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Survey: The most popular food delivery app is…

The average food delivery consumer has two delivery apps, one of which is usually from a popular rideshare service.

According to a new survey of 1,500 US adults who have used food delivery apps, the most popular app is Uber Eats. Grubhub, DoorDash and Postmates round out the top four. The average respondent uses food delivery apps three times a month. Respondents are slightly more likely to start with a restaurant in mind and look for it in the apps (54%) than start by opening the app and then looking for ideas (46%).

Results from the survey, conducted by culinary equipment and supplies provider US Foods, also indicate that the average respondent will wait a maximum of 40 minutes for a delivery, although one in four is willing to wait an hour or more. The average maximum cost respondents will pay for combined delivery and service fees and tips is $8.50, and on average will consider delivery over takeout as long as distance to the restaurant is at least 1.5 miles.

When asked what delivery issues consistently irritate them (more than one answer accepted), popular responses included food not warm and/or fresh (17%), late deliveries (16%), incorrect orders (12%), inconsistent prices (11%), and food getting shaken or messed up during delivery (11%).

US Foods also surveyed 500 US adults who have worked for a food delivery service. Not surprisingly, the most common complaints centered on customers, such as weak/no tip (60%), unclear customer instructions in app (39%), and customers not answering the phone (37%). However, the number two complaint focused on the restaurant – food not ready on time (52%).

The survey also reveals drivers sampling orders is a big no-no. When asked to rate from one (“no big deal”) to 10 (“totally unacceptable”) how upset they would be if a driver grabbed a few fries from a burger and fries order on the way, the average rating was 8.4. Yet 28% of drivers admitted taking food from an order. Eighty-five percent of consumers would like restaurants to use tamper-evident labels to prevent this issue.
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