Survey: The most innovative shopping generation is…

One generation is much more likely to use the latest shopping innovations, according to new consumer data.

According to surveys of more than 6,500 consumers commissioned by payment provider Blackhawk Network, Gen Z respondents are significantly more likely than any other generation to use the latest shopping innovations on a monthly basis or more. These technologies include voice shopping (20%), pop-up stores (21%), and virtual reality shopping (17%), compared to an average of 8% across generations.

However, millennials are slightly more likely than Gen Z to order items for delivery using mobile devices. Forty-six percent of millennials and 42% of Gen Z consumers surveyed place monthly orders on their mobile phones for delivery, compared to only 29% of Gen X and 13% of Boomer respondents.

Blackhawk also examined generational habits in using e-gift cards. Fifty-one percent of millennials surveyed are likely to shop online for e-gift cards, compared to 46% of Gen X, 42% of Gen Z, and 30% of Boomers.

Millennials are generally most open to using different types of mobile payment solutions. Almost three-quarters (72%) have used e-gift cards for mobile payment, while 60% have used mobile apps, 44% have used a gift card in a mobile wallet, and 42% have directly used a mobile wallet.