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Survey: The in-store technology consumers want most is...

Time is of the essence when it comes to providing brick-and-mortar shoppers with technology.

According to A.T. Kearney’s 2019 Consumer Retail Technology Survey of 1,000 people from various demographic and economic backgrounds, the top two in-store technology functions customers desire most all save time spent on shopping trips.

Seventy-two percent of respondents said they desire technology that allows them to reduce time checking out, while 61% said they desire technology that allows them to reduce time looking for products (more than one response allowed). More than half (52%) desire technology that allows them to understand more about a given product and how to use it.

Other popular responses included technology that allows them to experience something interesting and novel (32%), and 31% desire products that let them customize products to their specific needs. Almost three in 10 (29%) want technology that limits interaction with store personnel, and 21% are interested in technology that allows them to reduce time spent in a fitting room or sampling a product.

The study also reveals many consumers have heard of leading-edge retail technologies, but never encountered them in a store. This includes 3D printers (60%), augmented reality (45%), mobile POS (40%), cashierless checkouts (36%), and interactive screens (30%).

In addition, 45% of respondents reported visiting a big box store because of technology, contrasted with 24% who said they had visited specialty stores because of technology. However, 58% of consumers expect retail technology to impact their specialty store choices in the future, while 69% expect their big-box store choices to be affected by available technology.
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