Survey: Store spend trumps online

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Survey: Store spend trumps online

By Dan Berthiaume - 03/04/2019
A new survey on consumer spending provides more evidence that the “Retail Apocalypse” is not yet upon us.

According to a targeted study of more than 1,000 consumers from First Insight Inc., 71% of respondents (72% of men; 70% of women) typically spend more than $50 when shopping in-store. In contrast, only 54% of respondents (59% of men; 49% of women) are spending more than $50 when shopping online.

Of note, 34% of respondents (36% of men; 33% of women) reported spending more than $100 during a typical in-store shopping visit, compared to only 21% (26% of men; 17% of women) who reported spending more than $100 when shopping online.

This trend continued when evaluating the likelihood of a shopper adding extra items to their carts. When shopping in-store, 78% of men and 89% of women report that they sometimes or always add additional items to their cart. By comparison, a lower 67% of men and 77% of women reported adding extra items to their carts when shopping online.

Results also indicate consumers approach in-store and online shopping differently. According to the survey, 73% of men and 69% of women respondents said that they only shop in-store when they have a need for something. Far fewer of both groups (64% of men and 56% of women) said the same about online shopping.

According to the report, men and women have begun to diverge slightly in their usage and enjoyment of in-store technology, with men using magic mirrors, interactive windows, smart fitting rooms, virtual technology and beacons more often in-store than women (between 40-47% compared to 33-40%). Furthermore, more men felt in-store technology enhanced their shopping experience across every technology:

• Magic Mirrors: 25% of men vs. 20% of women.
• Interactive Windows: 25% of men vs. 19% of women.
• Smart Fitting Rooms: 23% of men vs. 21% of women.
• Virtual Reality: 22% of men vs. 19% of women.
• Beacons: 24% of men vs. 18% of women.

The study also indicates clothing is a top category for both online and in-store purchases for both men and women. However, more men are shopping in-store for clothing than online. While an equal share of women purchase clothing online and in-store (73%), 66% of men say they make their clothing purchases in-store, vs. 59% online.

By comparison, the survey showed that both men and women prefer to purchase technology items and gadgets online. Fifty-two percent of men and 43% of women purchase technology items online, compared to 36% and 34%, respectively, who buy these items in-store.

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