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Survey: Retailers’ top concerns about the cloud are…

A new survey from Retail Systems Research (RSR) reveals almost all retailers share similar concerns share certain cloud technology concerns.

Nearly all (96%) of retailers are most troubled by data integrity and security matters, according to a new survey from Retail Systems Research. Eighty-seven percent of retail respondents are concerned about keeping cloud-based costs in check amidst horror stories of “surprise” bills once the migration is complete, and 82% worry about bringing their legacy apps over.

Despite these widespread concerns, the vast majority of larger retailers embrace the cloud. This includes 91% of retailers with annual revenue between $500 million and $1 billion, as well as 86% of retailers with annual revenue more than $5 billion and 85% with annual revenue of $1 billion to $5 billion. In contrast, only 47% of retailers with annual revenue of less than $500 million embrace the cloud.

The survey also indicates that most retailers see the cloud as a means of speeding up operations, rather than providing flexible computing power. When asked to name their top three overall attitudes about cloud computing, three-quarters or more of respondents cited helping advance business functionality faster (78%), saving time and money (78%), and allowing more nimbleness and agility (75%). Only 7% said the cloud is a delivery mechanism, and not much more.

“The best retailers know that no specific technology is forever, and retail is now a 24/7 global business,” said Brian Kilcourse, managing partner, RSR. “Retailers need more speed and agility in their operations. They report tremendous pressure to keep up with customer wants and needs, and they tell us they want the flexibility to adopt or abandon solutions faster as the business changes.”
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