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Survey: Retailers are missing out on a big opportunity

For all the buzz about buy-online-pickup-in-store, not that many retailers are actually deploying the service.

Only 29.1% of U.S. retailers and 23.5% of Canadian retailers offer click &amp collect, according to a report by OrderDynamics, which notes that both countries are still in the very early phase of click and collect deployments. Of the more than 1,000 global retailers surveyed, 37% overall offer shoppers the option to buy online and pickup in store. The biggest adoption rate is in the U.K., where 67% of retailers offer the service.

Surprisingly, a large number of retailers with click and collect capabilities do not advertise this offering to customers, the study found. The U.S. was worst at advertising in-store pickup offerings, with only 38.5% of retailers with BOPIS alerting customers about the offering on their first webpage.

The study notes the importance of offering in-store pickups given that, in 58% of cases, it results in additional sales and is a way to keep shoppers coming back. It also recommends that retailers consider more than one pickup option for click and collect. Of over one thousand retailers in this study, Walmart stands as one of very few to offer four pickup options (in-store, pickup lockers, curb-side pickup, and postal outlet collection).

The Global Dynamics Omni-1000 report reveals the global and regional maturity, or lack thereof of a wide variety of omnichannel retail features. In other findings from the report:

  • More retailers offer free shipping in North America (with a minimum order_ than the other regions surveyed. Seventy-five percent of Canadian retailers offer the service followed by 67% of U.S. retailers.

  • Among the countries in the study, the U.S. and Canada show the lowest average minimum order for free shipping. The minimum basket for free shipping in the U.S. is $55.65, and $56.66 in Canada.

  • Retail chains with more than 250 stores are twice as likely as chains made up of 10-50 stores to offer click and collect services.

  • An overwhelming majority (90%) of retailers have standard e-commerce capabilities, such as the ability for shoppers to create a virtual shopping basket and purchase goods online.

  • Sixty-eight percent provide basic inventory visibility to online consumers.

  • Fifty-nine percent of retailers allow shoppers to buy online and return in-store.

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