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Survey: Online shoppers look beyond brand to price

When it comes to making e-commerce decisions, consumers think with their wallets.

According to a new survey of about 1,800 consumers from omnichannel marketing platform Valassis, while 48% of respondents begin their online shopping in search of a particular brand, 59% of all respondents and 66% of Amazon Prime members state they are more price-driven than brand-driven. Roughly six in 10 (58%) respondents noted lower pricing as the top reason to buy online from a retailer/website other than Amazon.

The survey also indicates e-commerce shoppers are receptive to targeted, omnichannel deals. Almost two-thirds (64%) of respondents say coupons and discounts are the best way to spur an online purchase. Interestingly, more than one-third of respondents cite direct mail as a way of learning about new online retailers or brands and for making shopping plans. In addition, 45% of urban respondents and 40% of Prime members are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad in both print and online (compared 32% of all respondents).

Additional takeaways from Valassis’ research include:
• When it comes to supporting local businesses, 51% of Prime members and urban consumers – who typically buy items online – will visit a neighborhood store (compared to 40% of all consumers).

• For apparel and shoes, 31% of consumers typically shop the same stores online as they frequent in person.

• 50% of all respondents shop online across verticals including sporting goods, furniture, home improvement, electronics, apparel and shoes.

• Among this group of respondents who shop online across verticals, Prime members and urban consumers are key demographics for retailers, with 70% completing these purchases online.

• When making a purchase online, 71% of Prime members said they usually browse shopping sites with a particular purchase in mind.

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