Survey: Do retailers meet customer mobile expectations?

A new survey from Boston Retail Partners (BRP) highlights how well retailers are aligning their mobile strategies with customer preferences.

According to results from the “BRP Special Report: The Mobilization of Retail,” retailers are generally in sync with the broader trend of consumers performing more shopping activities via smartphone. Forty-one percent of consumers plan to increase their shopping frequency on their phone or tablet within two years, and a matching 41% of retailers plan to improve the mobile shopping experience to ensure they are meeting their customers’ expectations.

However, when it comes to more specific details of what mobile functionality retailers offer shoppers, the study reveals some disconnects. For example, while 67% of consumers are likely to shop with a retailer that offers mobile coupons instead of one that doesn’t offer them, only 40% of retailers indicate that offering coupons/ discounts is a key feature to offer on their mobile app/website.

Conversely, 61% of retailers plan to identify customers when they walk in the store using their mobile device and WiFi, but only 39% of consumers are comfortable with mobile identification when they walk in the store to personalize the experience.

Results also indicate the following are key mobile app/website features: item availability (53%), product information (51%), customer service (47%), coupons and discounts (40%), and loyalty/rewards (33%). One-third (34%) of consumers use their phone in-store to compare prices and 28% look for mobile offers/coupons. Sixty-four percent of consumers are likely to choose a store based on product information availability via mobile device.
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