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Survey: Customer experience shortfalls pose retailer risk

Brands are often failing to deliver the experience customers want, with potentially serious consequences.

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According to a new consumer survey from contact center solutions provider Serenova, 77% of respondents had a bad customer experience within the past year when interacting with a brand. And two-thirds of respondents said they would not purchase from a brand again following a bad experience.

The survey revealed frequent issues with omnichannel customer experience. Three quarters (73%) of respondents say that it is crucial or very important that brands can deliver seamless experiences across their various channels. Yet 80% of respondents stated they do not always have a seamless experience with a brand across channels, and 39% have encountered varying speed of service from an organization depending on the channel they used to interact.

Exacerbating this omnichannel situation is the fact survey results indicate a majority of consumers use digital channels to interact with brands: 90% through a seller’s website, 90% through a digital marketplace (e.g. Amazon), and 55% via a mobile application.

Three in four of the survey’s respondents state that a knowledgeable staff and quick resolution of issues indicate a good customer experience. Conversely, the majority of respondents associate unhelpful or rude staff (79%), a lack of staff knowledge about products/services (64%), and/or spending too long on hold/waiting when trying to lodge a complaint (59%) with bad customer service.

Serenova’s “State of the Brand Experience,” conducted by Vanson Bourne, interviewed 2,000 U.S. consumers and 1,000 U.K. consumers.
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