Survey: Consumers seek social assistance from brands

Retailers should use social media for more than self-promotion.

That’s according to a survey from Sprout Social, in which 78% of respondents indicated they want brands to use social media to bring them together. And 91% of consumers believe in social media’s power to connect people. Eighty-one percent say brands are good connectors because they carry products and services that appeal to a diverse range of customers.

Looking at specifically how consumers want brands to use social media, the survey finds:

• More than half of consumers (55%) want brands to use social to help connect like-minded people with each other.
• 52% want to meet people different from them.
• 42% want to learn new skills.
• 36% are looking for communities they can belong to.
• 26% want to not feel alone.

The study shows there is tangible ROI for retailers who provide consumers with social connection. When people feel connected to brands, 57% will increase their spending with that brand and 76% will buy from them over a competitor.