Study: What drives consumers to click and collect?

A new study from click-and-collect platform provider Doddle provides insights into the growing popularity of click-and-collect purchases.

According to the study of more than 2,000 adult U.S. shoppers, 68% of respondents have made multiple click-and-collect purchases. Fifty percent have decided where to buy online based on the ability to pick online purchases up in-store. And 41% said that they made click-and-collect purchases during the holidays this year.

When asked for the primary reasons for opting to pick-up online purchases in-store rather than having their orders shipped to them, 48% of respondents cited saving on shipping costs, making it the most popular reason. Meanwhile, 39% cited speed and 28% said convenience.

The study also reveals 85% of shoppers have made an additional in-store purchase when they pick up items they purchased online. Fifteen percent say that they do so “somewhat frequently.”

Nearly half (45%) of shoppers said greater access to “deals or savings on future purchases” would make them choose click-and-collect more frequently, making it the most popular incentive. Additionally, 37% said they would choose click-and-collect more frequently if they were “guaranteed same-day availability” of their order, while 21% said that “better information on which items are available to purchase online and pick-up in-store” would make them opt for click-and-collect more often.