Study: This is what makes online grocery shoppers select a retailer

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Study: This is what makes online grocery shoppers select a retailer

By Dan Berthiaume - 08/01/2019
Online grocery shoppers put a premium on two things when it comes to shopping.

According to a new survey from omnichannel marketing platform Valassis, the top motivations of consumers who shop for groceries online have for selecting a particular online grocery retailer are the universal factors of speed and price. When asked why they frequent a retailer, 41% said they seek faster, cheaper shipping options, as well as better discounts and deals, while 33% would like to be able to apply coupons to their order. Almost seven in 10 (68%) respondents cite the inability to do so online as a point of frustration.

In good news for brick-and-mortar and omnichannel grocery retailers, online grocery shoppers take a channel-agnostic approach. Seventy-two percent of consumers who shop for groceries online say most of their purchases are still made in-store, but they don’t confine themselves to one online approach. In fact, more than one-third of online grocery shoppers use multiple methods.

When planning their online orders, consumers turn to both online and offline channels. Among online grocery shoppers, 40% look at online coupons from the store; 33% read print store circulars at home; and another 33% leverage email deals from stores and/or delivery services. Additionally, 33% selecting exact items from past online shopping lists. This number rises to 38% among those who leverage delivery services, but Valassis analysis indicates they can be influenced to buy an impulse item.

Additionally, coupons are key for retailers hoping to lure customers away from their current store or service, with nearly 30% of respondents saying they’d switch based on these offers.

Online grocery shopping is becoming popular, as 32% of consumers have done so in the past year (rising to 48% among Amazon Prime members), including store pickup and delivery services. From a demographic standpoint, nearly half of consumers (48%) living in an urban area have ordered groceries online, while 25% and 19% of respondents living in suburban or rural regions have done so, respectively.

Other interesting results include:
• After seeing an advertisement both in print and online, 61% of online grocery shoppers are more likely to buy an item.

• Nearly two-thirds set out looking for a particular brand when grocery shopping online.

• 50% of online grocery shoppers are more likely to make an impulse purchase when shopping online versus in-store.

• When it comes to purchasing items based on category, and local mass retailers’ online sites (such as Target or Walmart), are among the top options for beauty care products, health items/OTC medications, household/cleaning items, pet food/care and non-perishable foods.

Valassis and The NPD Group surveyed more than 1,800 US adults 18 and over online to obtain responses.