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Study: The top brand among mobile consumers is…

Consumers with smartphones are especially fond of one e-tailer.

According to the Vibes 2019 US Mobile Consumer Report, the five brands that are most often mentioned as being top of mind among smartphone-owning consumers are Amazon (63%), Walmart (49%), Target (34%), Home Depot (26%), Kohl’s (22%). The report surveyed 1,000 respondents who own a smartphone between the ages of 21 and 74.

When asked what makes a brand top of mind, respondents most frequently answered merchandise that suits their lifestyle and budget (56%), excellent customer service (48%), unique products they love (38%), special deals and promotions (36%), generous return policy (35%), high minimum quality standard (34%), excellent rewards/loyalty program (33%), and professional, pleasant employees (31%).

In addition, responses indicate seven in 10 consumers save or would like to save coupons to their phone, and 63% are interested in saving loyalty cards to their phone. More than half (53%) would choose a brand with a mobile messaging platform over one without. Fifty-one percent save coupons to their phones, and 77% prefer digital to paper coupons.

Other notable responses include:

• 32% of respondents will subscribe to a brand’s mobile messaging for loyalty points, 25% for incentives/coupons and 10% for info/product updates.

• 56% of respondents cite deals and offers as a primary reason to opt into brand texts, but 86% have unsubscribed from a brand’s texts for receiving too many or irrelevant messages.

• 28% of respondents use mobile wallets, while another 20% don’t but would like to and 51% don’t use mobile wallets and are not interested in trying.
• 75% of respondents use tap to pay.

• 80% of respondents have at least one brand app installed.

• The most popular in-app notifications are notice of order received/shipped/delivered (47%), order ready to pick up (44%), special sale/promotion (40%), mobile-only coupons/deals (37%), and extra points/perks for a specific purchase (32%).

• 43% of respondents don’t like to pay by phone because they worry their data will be stolen.
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