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Study: Spring shopping is an omnichannel pursuit

Shoppers in popular spring-related seasonal categories engage in a specific online activity before making an in-store purchase.

According to research from digital marketing company Bazaarvoice, based on its network of more than 5,700 brand and retailer websites, reviews have a strong impact on seasonal spring shopping decisions made in-store. For example, 69% of online lawncare shoppers read online reviews before making an in-store purchase. Results in other popular spring categories include:

• Vaccuums – 75% read online reviews.
• Tools – 61% read online reviews.
• Dresses – 60% read online reviews.
• Jewelry – 58% read online reviews.
• Cleaning – 45% read online reviews.

Examining the path to purchase for several popular spring categories, Bazaarvoice found:

• Lawncare – Average buyer spends six days researching three products across two sessions at one retailer.
• Jewelry – Average buyer spends five days researching six products across three sessions at one retailer.
• Dresses – Average buyer spends eight days researching 12 products across three sessions at two retailers.

In addition, Bazaarvoice researched how pageview traffic in certain product categories spikes in spring compared to other seasons. For example:

• Dress traffic increases 25% in late April as high schoolers prepare for prom and graduation.
• Apparel traffic increases 52% compared to fall and 16% compared to summer.
• Lawn and garden traffic is 146% higher than winter, 67% higher than fall, and 20% higher than summer.
• One week after the first day of spring, traffic for over-the-counter medication spikes 61% compared to a typical day.
• Cleaning product traffic increases 18% compared to summer and 13% compared to fall.
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