Study: Shopping is ‘habit-forming’ for Prime members

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Study: Shopping is ‘habit-forming’ for Prime members

By Deena M. Amato-McCoy - 01/10/2018
Amazon’s Prime members are the site’s “super users.”

Almost 60% of customers shop on Amazon weekly, however Prime members are stepping up the frequency as they are more than twice as likely to shop online daily than regular consumers. For example, 6% of non-Prime Amazon members that shopped online daily, compared to 15% of Amazon Prime members, according to “Getting to Know Your Customers: Amazon User Study,” a report from Feedvisor.

Of the 1,500 Amazon shoppers surveyed, 85% of Prime members browse for products at least once a week, and nearly half (45%) make a purchase at least once a week — about half of the number who browse weekly. Thirteen percent of non-Prime members purchase on Amazon at least once a week — this is just under a quarter of those who report weekly browsing.

It is becoming more evident that Amazon customers are increasingly market-savvy. Customers’ top reason for visiting Amazon is to compare prices for items they intended to purchase (51%). Only about one-third of Amazon users go to Amazon ready to buy, and three-quarters of Amazon users will start their shopping journey with the Amazon search box. Other shoppers spend more time on the site researching products, comparing prices and browsing daily deals.

When it comes to research, more than 95% of all Amazon users report that they always or sometimes read full product descriptions before purchasing. Just under 80% said they always or often check third-party seller ratings when buying from a third-party seller, the report said.

Almost two-thirds of Amazon shoppers (65%) rank price as the most important factor (above faster shipping, free shipping and better product assortment) when purchasing on the site.

Prime members were also much more likely than non-Prime members to visit Amazon to browse deals and daily discounts (49% of Prime members compared to 32% of non-Prime members), and check delivery speed (21% compared to 10%). Prime eligibility is also an important consideration for Prime members, which 35% report checking before making a purchase.

“Customers take advantage of the platform for browsing products, deals, comparing prices and checking availability and delivery speed,” the report said. “Amazon is used for these purposes much more than Walmart, eBay, Alibaba and Jet.”

While desktops remain the most popular method for shopping online (51%), mobile is rapidly gaining ground with 47% of customers using mobile devices, up from 41% last year. Amazon Prime members shop on mobile more than non-Prime members, and are more likely to use Amazon’s mobile app than non-Prime members. Half of Prime members shop using mobile, of which nearly a quarter use Amazon’s mobile app — compared to just 14% of non-Prime members, the study revealed.

“These statistics conclusively show the growth of mobile commerce and the importance of optimizing websites for mobile use,” the report said. “Sellers who have not yet enhanced the shopping experience for mobile users should make it a priority.”