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Study: Majority of Amazon shoppers are not influenced by digital ads

Customers continue to visit Amazon to discover new products or brands, yet their decisions are seldom influenced by digital ads seen on the site.

When customers visit Amazon, 65% said they don’t even notice the ads featured, while 25% find them “useful or relevant,” according to the “2018 Amazon Shopper Behavior Study: How Shoppers will Browse and Buy on Amazon,” a report from CPC Strategy.

According to the data, Amazon continues to improve its native advertising experience for shoppers, a move that ensures the company is helping consumers to find the right product, for the right price, at the right time. It also means additional digital ads are not paramount to driving sales.

For example, more than 50% of Amazon shoppers aren’t willing to go beyond the second page when searching for a product. Meanwhile, they are more open to trying new products, as 80% are open to “occasionally” or “frequently” trying new products or brands on Amazon. This is a huge jump from 50% last year. And customer reviews are not spurring this curiosity, as approximately 80% of these customers don't entirely trust Amazon’s customer reviews.

Despite Amazon being their “go-to” shopping source however, 74.8% of Amazon shoppers still price check on other sites.

When customers are ready to make a purchase with Amazon, more shoppers are open to using voice-enabled devices. In fact, 14.2% of Amazon customers made a purchase via a voice-enabled device in the last six months, and 61.3% of voice-enabled device owners have an Amazon Dot or Echo, the study said.

"We expected that some Amazon shoppers owned Amazon's voice enabled devices, and had made purchases using Alexa, but we weren't prepared to see numbers like this so early into the game,” said Nii Ahene, COO and cofounder of CPC Strategy. “The battle for ultimate marketplace dominance isn't over, but Amazon is off to an early lead.”
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