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Sprint mocks rival in pop-up store stunt


Talk about competition.

Sprint mocked competitor Verizon on Friday with a temporary store in Flushing, New York, featuring hundreds of items marked at twice their regular price. The store, open only on July 21, was located next to a Verizon store, and even featured a similar red-and-white color theme.

The pop-up, called Twice the Price and open only for browsing, was stocked with such items as potato chips, party supplies, boogie boards, makeup mirrors, mops, bottles of water and more. The price displays show customers upfront that they’re paying twice as much.

In announcing the store, Sprint sent out a release in which it quoted Uncle Danny, the "owner and president" of Twice the Price.

“Did I copy Verizon?," Uncle Danny said. "No, I was just inspired by their over-the-top pricing and the billions of dollars they’ve made. I wanted to give customers a similar experience in my store. We’ll sell anything for twice the price!”

The concept is meant to push a limited-time deal Sprint that allows customers to switch to Sprint, for a limited time, and get four lines of unlimited data, talk and text for $22.50 per month per line, with a fifth line free.
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