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Specialty chain integrates omnichannel processes


To the key to omnichannel success is having access to synchronized, and up-to-date business information.

Mattress Firm is partnering with Visionet Systems to create a centralized information repository that integrates all business information across retail channels in near real-time — a move that will improve operational efficiency enterprise-wide.

When Mattress Firm began evaluating which technology partners could support this transition, it needed a company that could integrate its existing e-commerce investments in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Demandware. Being a solutions partner for both, Visionet was a natural choice.

“Visionet’s integration solution for Demandware and Dynamics AX has simplified our retail order management,” said Jonathan Sider, CIO at Mattress Firm.

“It ensures a single version of the truth, and prevents the proliferation of separate information silos for each sales channel,” he said. “Automatic synchronization between Dynamics and Demandware has eliminated the need for other error-prone and labor-intensive methods.”

The transition has also unified the retailer’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and e-commerce platforms. This transition that has led to many strategic benefits, including establishing a single data repository — a move that lets Mattress Firm implement genuine omnichannel workflows, such as support for in-store or home delivery of products ordered over the phone or online.

Meanwhile, completely linking Demandware and Dynamics has helped Mattress Firm effectively monitor and optimize customer interactions. “Visionet’s CommerceLink solution has helped us achieve visibility into all of our consumer interactions across our multiple online and store channels,” said Tony Miller, VP of enterprise systems at Mattress Firm.

“This was important for us in order to improve our customer engagement, bring merchandising consistency, and streamline fulfillment processes,” he added. “Visionet’s EdgeAX CommerceLink solution cut through complexities, simplified these business processes, and helped us achieve our objectives across channels.”
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