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Shoppertrak: December 2017 calendar to influence shopper behavior

This holiday season offers retailers something they haven't experienced in five years.

For the first since 2012, there will be four Saturdays in December prior to Christmas Day, according to Shoppertrak, which noted that the busiest shopping day of the year will fall on Black Friday, Nov. 24. Saturday, Dec. 23 and Saturday, Dec. 16 are expected to be the second and third busiest shopping days, respectively. (The full list is at the end of the article.)

Physical retailers will need to pay close attention to the 2017 calendar, in particular the four Saturdays in December that lead up to Christmas Day. The timing will redistribute shopping visits and elevate the importance of Dec. 23 (i.e., Super Saturday) and Dec. 16, according to Shoppertrak.

Dec. 30 did not rank among the top ten shopping days last year as it fell on week day. This year, however it will be on a Saturday and represent a full shopping day before New Year’s Eve. Consequently, retailers will need to remain stocked and staffed beyond Dec. 26 in order to capitalize on shopper interest, Shoppertrak advised.

The 10 busiest days are estimated to account for 40% to 45% of total shopping visits made during the entire 2017 holiday season, according to Shoppertrak, and "it will be essential for brick-and-mortar retailers to have their staffing, inventory and merchandising efforts aligned," the company stated.

The full list of predicted busiest shopping days from Shoppertrak is as follows:

1. Friday, Nov. 24

2. Saturday, Dec. 23

3. Saturday, Dec. 16

4. Tuesday, Dec. 26

5. Saturday, Nov. 25

6. Friday, Dec. 22

7. Saturday, Dec. 9

8. Saturday, Dec. 2

9. Saturday, Dec. 30

10. Thursday, Dec. 21
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