Ricker’s c-stores to offer cashier-free shopping experience

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Ricker’s c-stores to offer cashier-free shopping experience

By Deena M. Amato-McCoy - 08/16/2018
An Indiana-based convenience store operator is about to launch a new checkout experience — one that allows customers to bypass the checkout counter.

Ricker’s has entered into a partnership with Skip, a South Jordan, Utah-based provider of mobile self-checkout applications, that will enable customers to use their smart device to pay for merchandise and skip the checkout line. Described by Skip as a hybrid of mobile pay and AmazonGo’s "just walk out" technology, the mobile platform enables customers to digitally order and pay for purchases, while at the gas pump, or while in-store.

Ricker’s plans to have the technology deployed throughout its 58 stores by the end of September.

The technology will allow the retailer to reduce the speed of checkout from an average of 60 seconds to real-time, according to Skip. Ricker’s could also slash its transaction fees, based on Skip’s partnership with Zipline, a provider of branded payment and loyalty programs to retailers in the U.S.

The c-store operator also expects the mobile platform to drive more transactions and frequency, including higher conversions from the gas pumps to the store, according to the company.

"By adding Skip to our arsenal of customer service competencies, we expect to see higher frequency and volume of transactions simply from the competitive advantage this partnership will provide,” said Quinn Ricker, CEO and president of Ricker's, which is based in Anderson, Ind. “Not to mention being able to convert frequent fuel purchasers into loyal in-store customers.”

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