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This retailer will close all its stores on Election Day


One of the retail industry’s most environmentally-activist brands is shutting down operations for Election Day.

Patagonia will close its 30 U.S stores and headquarters in Ventura, Calif., on Election Day, Nov. 8, in an effort to encourage customers, employees and citizens to head to the polls. The company, which is giving its employees a paid holiday for the day, will also shutter its distribution and customer service center in Reno, Nevada.

“As a business, we have a unique ability to take a stand and choose to prioritize the health of the planet over profit,” stated Rose Marcario, CEO, Patagonia. “I think it’s important we take that opportunity when it truly matters.”

Patagonia annually donates 1% of sales or 10% of profits— whichever is greater—to environmental groups.

Earlier this year, Patagonia launched an online voters’ education platform, called the Vote Our Planet campaign.
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