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Report: Nearly half of retailers falling behind in omnichannel efforts


Omnichannel adoption is a prerequisite to remain relevant in today’s retail world. Yet, many retailers are still missing the mark.

That is the message delivered in “Five Insights into the Omnichannel Landscape,” a benchmark report from eTail East and WBR Digital. The study reveals progress among multiple retail sectors, including specialty retail, apparel, and high-end fashion apparel, among others.

“The data shows that retailers are developing an understanding of what types of omnichannel investments will bring a return on investment [ROI], but there is still much work to be done,” stated Lori Hawthorne, strategy director, eTail.

For example, data revealed that a majority (75%) of this group of retailers consider omnichannel essential to their business. However, 49% stated they are not actively investing in an omnichannel retail strategy.

For 39% of retailers, their outdated systems are taking a toll on omnichannel integration efforts. It is such a problem that a mere one-third of retailers consider themselves as having completed their omnichannel journey.

“With nearly half of retailers perceiving themselves as making little progress, it is more critical than ever that companies make headway now in their omnichannel journey,” Hawthorne added. “Businesses have to prepare for a cultural transformation, and invest in new technology to connect with today’s omnichannel consumer. If they do not act now, they will be left behind.”

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