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Report: A majority of shoppers use social media throughout their path to purchase


Social media is increasingly influencing the shopper’s entire path-to-purchase.

This point was revealed in “Social’s Influence on the Path to Purchase,” a report from Crowdtap that reveals the in-store and online purchasing behaviors and shopping preferences of 500 U.S. adults. With 75% of consumers visiting Facebook during their pre-shopping planning, especially in search of recommendations and advice from friends and family, shopping is becoming more social than ever. And this “guidance” can take place a few days prior to planning their purchases (one-third of shoppers), or only a few hours before (one-third), the survey said.

Once in-store, more than 80% of consumers use their mobile phones to compare prices on other retail sites and social networks, and see if stores have online coupons or loyalty programs. Post-purchase, 47% of consumers will use the retailer’s site or social networks to write a review. Of those shoppers, 68% will purchase from the same brand again within three months, the report said.

"Our research indicates that shoppers naturally turn to social media as they plan and make purchases,” said Claudia Page, VP of product and partnerships at Crowdtap. “By creating ways for shoppers to share their real experiences on social, brands and retailers promote consumer engagement and build brand loyalty.”
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