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Report: Amazon stops selling Google’s Nest smart home line—but not by choice

There seems to be some bad blood between Amazon and Google.

The online giant announced during a conference call with Nest, which is part of Google’s hardware division, that it will not sell the company’s newly released products. These include the latest Nest thermostat and the Nest Secure home security system, among others, according to Business Insider.

According to sources, the decision had nothing to do with the quality of the Nest products, which had great reviews on Amazon. Those on the call also said the directive “came from the top,” which Nest took to mean it had been handed down by CEO Jeff Bezos.

However, the decision didn’t sit well with Nest’s team. The company retaliated with a decision to stop selling any of its products through Amazon. The limited number of Nest devices currently listed on Amazon are expected to disappear from the site once current inventory is sold out, the report said.

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