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Report says Alibaba is better at flushing out counterfeit goods than Amazon

Alibaba is “fighting actively” against fakes, but Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek said its American counterpart, Amazon, is not doing as good a job, reported CNBC.

Despite Amazon investing “tremendous resources” into systems that protect customers from inauthentic goods, Hayek told CNBC that the company’s efforts still don’t meet Alibaba’s initiatives. In the report, Hayek said that Alibaba is fighting actively against fakes and that “this Amazon is not doing.” The report noted that critics say Amazon doesn’t have the necessary checks in place to manage the influx of counterfeits.

But in a statement to Chain Store Age, Amazon said it invests tremendous resources to protect its customers from inauthentic goods.

“We quickly investigate reports of suspected infringement and we hold bad actors accountable,” the company stated. “Our efforts are even more effective when brands work collaboratively with us, which happens every day and which is proven by the success of Brand Registry. Brands in Brand Registry, on average, report 99% fewer suspected infringements compared with before the launch of Brand Registry, and Amazon took action on 95% of all notices of potential infringement received from Brand Registry within eight hours. We welcome the opportunity to work with Swatch and enroll the brand in Brand Registry so we can continue to provide our customers with a trusted experience.”
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