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QVC emphasizes digital convenience in new app, rebrand

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QVC is making its customers an offer of a more user-friendly, digitally-focused shopping environment.

The online and TV shopping retailer has unveiled a new iPhone app, called “Q Anytime,” as part of a larger rebranding effort that includes a new logo and visual identity. The rebranding is based on a strategy of delivering a more mobile- and social-oriented shopping environment.

Q Anytime complements the QVC flagship app with an expanded, regularly changing feed of shoppable videos, presented in five-to-eight-minute segments, available on demand. By tapping a video, customers can buy a product or get more details. Shoppers can also customize their feed by category or build a playlist by liking videos.

Currently, Q Anytime draws videos automatically from QVC’s library of live and on-demand video content, with new videos added every two hours. Over time, QVC plans to offer original content, episodic series, and other extras on the Q Anytime app, all tailored for the mobile audience. QVC is promoting Q Anytime via paid social placements and on its own digital and broadcast channels.

In addition, QVC is redesigning visuals and other elements across its brand to capture attention on a mobile device screen. This includes intimate and candid photography with rich details and organic patterns, as well as casual, unfiltered videos with close-ups, movement, through-shots and unexpected angles. New studios feature trendy urban spaces and suburban settings, with music and copy QVC calls “playful and spirited.” These changes have already gone into effect for new content across QVC’s platforms.

QVC data indicates that 60% of QVC US sales are e-commerce sales, two-thirds of which are happening on mobile devices. Company research also shows that more than 80% of new QVC customers in the US are coming through digital platforms, and that QVC shoppers quickly adopt new technologies and love video storytelling.

“Consumers have embraced QVC as a leading digital destination for product discovery and inspirational shopping, and our new brand identity and video app reflect this reality,” said Mary Campbell, chief merchandising officer, Qurate Retail Group, and chief commerce officer, QVC US (QVC is part of Qurate Retail Group). “Customers recognize that our apps and website offer highly appealing products at great values, brought to life via compelling stories, vibrant personalities and personalized content.”

The new logo is a redesigned “Q” in a sleek, mobile-friendly format and color scheme designed to underscore what QVC calls its mobile-first, social-first approach to video shopping.

“Our brand identity is a visual manifestation of the evolution of our business and our customers,” said Susan Ripke, VP, brand strategy. “We’re creating friendly, inclusive environments in digital that invite customers to engage more deeply with us, especially those who are getting to know us for the first time. For example, our flagship QVC mobile app features bold, square modules and horizontal scrolling for binge-worthy video.”

The Q Anytime app is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone. QVC’s new brand identity has launched in the U.S. and will launch in international markets later this year.
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