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Online merchant’s mobile search and shopping gets visual


eBay is making it easier for mobile shoppers to browse its massive product catalog.

The online merchant is adding two new solutions that rely on pictures instead of words to help customers search its online offering of 1.1 billion items. The tools, which are supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, will help mobile shoppers pinpoint — and purchase — merchandise faster.

eBay’s Image Search tool enables shoppers to take a photo of an item — or use an existing picture from their camera roll — and enter it into the search bar. The solution then presents listings that are a close match or visually similar, and available for purchase.

Meanwhile, the merchant’s new Find It On eBay service enables shoppers to connect with eBay from any social platform — from Pinterest to their favorite blog or website. Customers simply "Share" the URL with eBay, and the eBay mobile app will surface listings of the product, according to the retailer.

"Moments of shopping inspiration can come at any time, whether you're walking down the street or browsing your social media feed," said Mohan Patt, VP of buyer experience, eBay. "eBay Image Search and Find It On eBay makes it possible for people to shop eBay using any image or photo that inspires them."

Both search tools will be available this fall. Image Search will be supported on both Android and iOS, and Find It On eBay can be used on Android.
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