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Online giant steps up private-label fashion game


Amazon unveiled another private-label collection.

The online giant quietly introduced its new private label shoe and handbag line on Tuesday. The collection, which is called The Fix, comprises trendy designs, including satin slides, colorful sneakers and mules, studded flats, and floral-embellished boots, among other looks, according to Footwear News.

Items in the collection, which is only available to Prime members, range between $49 and $140. To keep merchandise fresh, Amazon isn’t featuring seasonal collections. Instead, merchandise will change on a monthly basis, the report said.

This is Amazon’s latest stealth private-label fashion introduction. The company also has quietly launched a women’s label, a kids clothing line, and a men’s buttoned-down shirt brand. In December, the company even posted several online job listings for positions that suggest it could be developing a line of workout apparel.

Amazon is also making efforts behind-the-scenes to gain traction in the competitive fashion segment. In April for example, Amazon was granted a patent on for an on-demand apparel manufacturing system comprised of a textile printer, textile cutter, and a computing device. The solution, which could support a made-to-order apparel division, is also designed to support categories beyond apparel, including accessories and footwear, according to the patent filing.

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