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Nordstrom streamlining its buying process

Nordstrom is using the cloud to evolve its merchandising efforts.

The department store retailer is adopting a cloud-based wholesale lifecycle tool from NuOrder that will enable collaboration, assortment selection and enhanced visibility into product. Overall, it will help the company streamline its buying process and evolve its merchandising approach, according to NuOrder.

The platform enables Nordstrom and its brand partners to upload product catalogs, take notes and capture purchase intent. Additionally, NuOrder will offer Nordstrom’s buyers a complete view of the merchandise they plan to buy for the upcoming season. This will allow buyers to identify gaps or opportunities across their available spend, and better curate a wide range of products for customers.

In addition, the platform helps brands improve their market to order process, reduce manual efforts, and expedite the retailer’s commitments with them. It also automates product data that filters into the downstream Nordstrom systems, and empowers buyers to use digital whiteboards. A visual merchandising tool will enable brands to digitally showcase their products and personalize their presentations to Nordstrom buyers to better market themselves and promote themes, products and collections.

“We’re excited to partner with NuORDER and leverage their capabilities such as a digital market tool," said Teri Bariquit, executive VP merchandise planning, inventory and solutions, Nordstrom. “Having a tool with shared visual information allows buyers and brands work much more effectively together.”
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