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Nordstrom reaps its own rewards from redesigned rewards program


With an eye on personalization and engagement, Nordstrom revamped its Nordstrom Rewards program -- a move that has earned the chain 1.7 million new members since its launch in May.

"We heard from our customers that they wanted a more personalized and flexible loyalty program," said Chris Holloway, VP of loyalty, Nordstrom.

This feedback prompted the company to create a more inclusive program that allows customers to earn points regardless of how they choose to pay for their purchases. Enrollment is also streamlined, as customers can join simply by providing their name, mobile phone number and email address.

Realizing that ongoing success depends on the level of customer value the program can deliver, Nordstrom also improved its visibility into how shoppers interact with the brand. By leveraging a software suite from digital marketing and loyalty analytics firm Aimia, Nordstrom now centrally tracks customer interactions in real-time. By collecting and analyzing transaction and interaction data, Nordstrom can better understand its customers' needs, and more easily engage shoppers at every touchpoint, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices and in-store touch-points.

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