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Lowe’s launches mobile AR tool to introduce its spring collection to Android users

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A home improvement retailer is banking on a mobile augmented reality solution to kick off its biggest selling season.

Lowe’s launched a new augmented reality (AR) feature that enables Android users to curate certain products in their homes prior to making a purchase. The new “View in Your Space” mobile tool is available within the Lowe’s consumer app. The tool allows Android users with ARCore-enabled devices to place lifelike, size-accurate items from Lowe’s spring catalog into their outdoor spaces, according to a blog on the company website.

Here’s how it works: Consumers tap on the “View in Your Space” option while browsing products in the Lowe’s app. The customer is prompted to scan their surroundings, tap an item, and drag and drop the piece into their desired spot. Customers can also view the item from different perspectives, while the item remains scaled-to-size and in place.

An icon in the lower right-hand corner allows the customer to add the item to their cart.

“Every year, visualization barriers and a lack of design assistance contribute to the stalling out of more than $70 billion in home improvement projects,” said Amy Kreis, spokeswoman for Lowe’s. “With the addition of View In Your Space to Lowe’s arsenal of virtual and augmented reality power tools, Lowe’s is helping customers break through barriers and get their projects to completion.”
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