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Lowes Foods remains ‘targeted’


Lowes Foods knows the key to success is retaining your best, most profitable shoppers.

By extending its partnership with ProLogic, the engine behind the grocer’s Fresh Rewards loyalty program, the chain will continue to award customers with instant rewards for merchandise throughout its 100 stores, and gas at participating Speedway and Lowes Foods gas stations.

The solution also enables Lowes to segment and identify its top shoppers, and understand their purchase patterns. This data helps the grocer create targeted promotions that are specifically tailored to individuals or groups of customers — a move that retains its best shoppers and spurs their spending.

“This flexible loyalty marketing platform enables us to create and execute intelligent promotions,” Tim Lowe, president of Lowes Foods. “The Fresh Rewards program has proven highly effective in helping us retain our top shoppers and increase their purchases.”

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