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Local Goodwill stores go national with omnichannel partnership

More than 100 Goodwill stores are offering buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) and mobile delivery options.

Goodwill locations in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, South Florida, Greater Detroit, San Antonio, and central and southern Indiana are uploading used items such as furniture, clothing, and collectibles directly to the OfferUp mobile marketplace. The m-commerce effort is supported by the OfferUp API, currently in beta, and the Lister online listing platform from Upright Labs.

Stores upload items daily on OfferUp and list them under regional Goodwill location handles. Customers can purchase items to be shipped for delivery or they can pick them up at their local store.

Goodwill employees are able to track inventory from start to finish, with access to real-time insights into the flow of products, finances, and data within one listings interface. Stores can manage all components of their orders, including product images, listing items, shipping, order management, financial reporting, and auditing, without significantly changing their fulfillment operations.

“We started to list furniture and other items from our stores on OfferUp in January, and the early results have been great,” said Jay Lytle, VP and CIO, Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana. “The majority of the items we post on OfferUp sell within 72 hours, and some have sold in as quickly as 10 minutes after being listed on the app.”

Local Goodwill stores are utilizing a variety of solutions to broaden their reach to digital consumers. Leveraging a customized for Enterprise white label browser extension, Goodwill notifies consumers shopping for new items on other online sites with less expensive used options on the regional Goodwill site for greater New York and northern New Jersey. Future rollouts of the product will extend the browser extension capabilities to include select inventory from other Goodwill agencies across the U.S.
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