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Life is Good makes call center experience jake

Vertical specialty apparel retailer achieves a unified view of customers for improved call center performance.

Life is Good, which sells its own branded apparel (known for the smiling “Jake” logo) through proprietary stores and an e-commerce site as well as third-party retail partners, discovered its Salesforce commerce, service, and marketing clouds were not communicating. This led to inefficient marketing capabilities due to lack of structured data in its marketing cloud.

Instead, customer data was dispersed across many locations within the enterprise, making it difficult to manage customer orders. Customer service representatives had to log into several systems to resolve shopper issues.

As a result, customers experienced long call center wait times on the phone, resulting in low satisfaction scores. In addition, the marketing team was unable to personalize communications with customers. Life is Good is implementing the OSF Commerce UnifyCommerce solution to seamlessly connect its Salesforce commerce and service clouds. OSF is also integrating the retailer’s Salesforce marketing cloud with the commerce and service clouds.

The ongoing rollout will enable Life is Good customer call center agents to view all relevant data on a customer in a timely manner in one location. This 360-degree view extends across all consumer channels, devices and touchpoints. Call center agents can place and modify orders on a customer’s behalf. In addition, the marketing team is currently leveraging this unified customer view to engage in personalized promotional campaigns.

Quantitative results will include reduced customer support time and costs, improved agent productivity for faster response to and closure of cases, and increased customer satisfaction.

“We’re really looking forward to the positive results that will come from our Salesforce commerce, service and marketing clouds being connected, as well as use of OSF UnifyCommerce, as our teams will soon have full access to recent and relevant customer data secured from all of our various channels,” said Sean Manners, IT director of Life is Good. “Our customer service representatives are anticipating the exciting changes that will come from this move, both in their workflow, as well as in the delight that consumers will experience from the increased support and service levels they will soon be able to provide.”
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