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Labor management goes social at Sprinkles

A growing bakery chain is using an interactive social network to deliver training courses and track performance.

Los Angeles-based Sprinkles is bolstering its workforce solutions with a cloud-based learning and performance management solution from HotSchedules. The technology will help the company create a social learning platform.

The platform will be integrated within Sprinkle’s existing forecasting, scheduling and labor management solution, also from HotSchedules. The combination will support the company’s goal to deliver a social network where its associates, from corporate departments to bakery managers and hourly associates, can share their wins, show how they are getting their jobs done, and take training courses.

“We’ve uploaded tons of meaningful content, company documents, and several micro-learning videos to build out our robust library,” said Ashley Leonard, training managers, Sprinkles. “Managers love how easy it is to find what they need.”

Associates and managers already use the site to collaborate with their colleagues and find content they need. For example, managers and associates can use the network to share videos, photos, and personal stories.

Meanwhile, the training team is focused on developing and launching job-specific courses, and assigning courses to new associates, according to the company.

“We’re looking forward to seeing our engagement numbers continue to grow, and tracking who is taking the training as we launch courses.” said Kristin Burk, talent development consultant at Sprinkles. “That’s going to be a big bonus for our manager and leadership teams.”

Sprinkles employs 1,000 associates across 24 locations.
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