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L.L. Bean hikes up seamless customer engagement

A major outdoor apparel and gear retailer is seeking an enterprise view of customers, inventory and orders.

L.L. Bean is connecting channels and touchpoints including catalogs, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar stores to deliver a truly seamless customer experience. The retailer is implementing Aptos solutions for POS, mobile store selling, and enterprise order management, as well as the Aptos One microservices-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

By achieving a real-time enterprise view of customers, inventory and orders across channels, L.L. Bean intends to provide store associates with information that can improve customer service and increase sales. In addition, with the Aptos One Store Commerce mobile selling application, L.L. Bean associates can engage shoppers throughout the store and during pop-up sales events.

Adding to its omnichannel focus, L.L. Bean stores will deploy the Aptos order management solution to fulfill customer orders using its entire network of stores and distribution centers. As a result, the retailer hopes to maximize inventory efficiency, allowing it to increase profitability while offering customers expanded fulfillment options.

"Customer satisfaction is the top priority in every decision we make at L.L. Bean," said J.J. Rouhana, CIO, L.L. Bean. "It's not enough to have retail systems that meet current customer demand; retailers require a technology platform that can anticipate and adapt to future requirements.

Vertical footwear retailer Skechers is also utilizing Aptos technology to achieve a single view of customers, products and orders to enable seamless experiences across channels. Skechers also seeks to enable store associates to provide more informed customer service, faster checkouts, and individualized customer engagement.
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